Augusto is the native Polish ice cream brand. For almost thirty years, Augusto ice cream has been available all over Europe and around the world.

Outstanding flavour and great variety are not the only advantages of our products. The features that distinguish it from the other ice cream is that most Augusto recipes are based on the use of liquid milk and the top shelf ingredients!

The flagship product is Familijne Ice Cream, a sentimental journey through time for many mature and older connoisseurs. Augusto’s offer includes also the Bambo ice cream which has been a favorite for many years and our bestseller, Gulliver Ice Cream, which is a top seller among the most demanding flavour seekers.

Thanks to the knowledge of global trends, an excellent sense of the needs and tastes of our consumers, as well as an excellent quality to price ratio, Augusto has been present in homes for years.


Augusto brand comes from Kalisz, the beautiful and historic capital of Wielkopolska Voivodeship in Poland.


Since 1991, we have been pursuing our goal of making great ice cream. Ice cream that connects generations and adds flavour to our lives.

On October 1st, 1994, the whole world heard about us. In the town square, we offered the inhabitants of Kalisz the world’s largest ice lolly. This giant weighed over eight tons and was over four meters high! Thus, we set the Guinness World Record, which remains unbeaten to this day.


Over the years, the Augusto brand has introduced many products to the market and has won numerous awards, including “Good Brand”, “Quality of the Year” and “Best Product”.


Every summer we encourage you to discover our Gulliver ice cream and invite you to participate in holiday contests. Winning is simple - eat ice cream, capture holiday moments and grab prizes for the most interesting contest entry.
There's a lot to fight for - in the contests you could win, among other things, Vochers for holiday trips, branded smartphones, watches and a supply of Gulliver ice cream Just watch our website and social media profiles to stay up to date.
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