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Gulliver - ice cream for explorers. Characterised by exceptionally creamy ice cream mass, top quality additives, delicious chocolate. What distinguishes them? Quality, guaranteed by the most modern production facilities in Poland; attention to every detail, from flavour compositions to the original design of packaging, and of course tradition - Gulliver ice cream has been on the market for more than 30 years!
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Classic vanilla ice covered with a thick layer of delicious milk chocolate.
Vanilla ice creme covered with a layer of delicious milk chocolate and sprinkled with the highest quality crushed almonds.
Vanilla ice cream covered with crispy white chocolate.
Gulliver Salted Caramel is a perfect proposition for explorers. Caramel flavoured ice cream, swirled with delicious salted caramel sauce, covered with milk chocolate with wafer gifts.
Refreshing mint flavour ice cream, covered with a thick layer of chocolate.
Gulliver Trio Caramel is a vanilla ice cream in cocoa coating with delicious caramel sauce covered with crispy milk chocolate.
Gulliver Trio Raspberry is a very fruity raspberry ice with cocoa syrup covered with a captivating raspberry sauce and chocolate coating.
Gulliver Trio Chocolate is velvety cocoa and chocolate ice cream covered with chocolate sauce and a crunchy milk chocolate icing.
Raspberry and mascarpone ice cream with raspberry sauce, in white chocolate with raspberries pieces.
Black vanilla and mango ice cream with mango-maracuja sauce, in milk chocolate with mango pieces.
Covered with the highest quality chocolate
From fresh liquid milk
An even creamier mass
Delicious, thick sauce in the Gulliver Trio ice cream
Reduced sweetness of ice cream masses
About us


Augusto brand comes from Kalisz, the beautiful and historic capital of Wielkopolska Voivodeship in Poland. Since 1991, we have been pursuing our goal of making great ice cream. Ice cream that connects generations and adds flavour to our lives.


On October 1st, 1994, the whole world heard about us. In the town square, we offered the inhabitants of Kalisz the world’s largest ice lolly. This giant weighed over eight tons and was over four meters high! Thus, we set the Guinness World Record, which remains unbeaten to this day. Over the years, the Augusto brand has introduced many products to the market and has won numerous awards, including “Good Brand”, “Quality of the Year” and “Best Product”

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